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Team Hard is upfront
Welcome to Team Hard!!
We've been working hard on some crazy-good ideas, and we're proud to announce our new Beer Fridge Wraps!  Have an old, beat-up fridge in the Man Cave that could use an overhaul?!?!  Put our life-sized Playboy model, Valerie Cormier on it, and always have a beautiful babe fetching your beer!!  The best idea since sliced bread, you say?!?!  Hell, we think it's the best idea since bread itself!!!
The wraps are a 36"x72" full-color, life-sized sticky-back vinyl, designed to fit all standard refrigerators (some trimming needed at installation).
Sensuous up, grab me another beer!  This heavyweight shop banner is also a recent new product.  Goes great with the Beer Fridge Wrap, or as a stand-alone on the wall by your own custom fridge.  Check it out, before they're all gone...again!
Canada residents please order from our new website and don't pay duty from the US!